Online Class Registration and Management
Video Series

GoSignMeUp’s cutting edge class registration and management system is a result of 24 years of development. Our continued goal is to provide an easy system for attendees to enroll for a class or event while at the same time automate the management and delivery to save you administrative time.

This 5 Part video series breaks down the components to an effective registration and management system;

Part 1: Search and Register
You will learn the importance of a quick and easy process for your enrollees to search and register for classes or events.

Part 2: Class Delivery
We will cover the various instructional venues that include in-seat, webinars, learning management systems and the importance of having a connection with these delivery methods with your class registration management system.

Part 3: Analytics and Reporting
Regardless if you need a simple class roster. extensive enrollee history, class analytics, financial data, attendance, or any other type of report, it is important to have a system that ties it all data together.

Part 4: Administrative Functions
This video will go over the importance of a system that provides cutting edged and complete functions that deliver lots of power in an intuitive way to manage and customize the complete system.

Part 5: Tying it All Together
Whether you need this system to provide online, in-seat, or blended classes, this video will show the importance of all the above functions working together flawlessly.

Links to videos as they become available.

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